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Welcome! [Oct. 24th, 2006|09:02 am]
Lions Clubs International


Hello fellow Lions!

Welcome to our new little community. So many clubs do things so differently, and have such widely-varied projects going on at any one time. I thought this would be a great way for us to share ideas about what works, what doesn't, and the inevitable frustrations that go along with trying to plan anything.

We welcome!

What projects are you currently working on?

[User Picture]From: bekijane
2006-10-24 03:53 pm (UTC)
*waves from Scotland*

We're currently working towards the Christmas fundraisers - we've a Craft Fair on the 25th of November where we hire a hall and rent out tables to people who make things to sell. We have everything from soap to jewlery being sold on the day. The cost of the hall and other overheads are paid for out of the money from renting tables.

Charity money comes in from a tombola (donated prizes) and a donation from members of the public as they come in. We find we make more if we ask for a donation rather than charging an entry fee. We get another local charity to provide tea, coffee and buiscuits in return for a donation from the profits to their cause and generally have a really good day.

Drawbacks to it; we need a lot of Lion-power to run this. The tombola stall needs to be three Lions strong at all times, and there needs to be at least two on the doors, you also need a Lion walking the floor for every three - five crafters, keeping an eye on the public, making sure that any children are under control and making sure that the crafters have all they need. Club publicity is also good here; lots of leaflets and displays about what Lions do and how people can get involved.
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[User Picture]From: kesmun
2006-10-24 08:31 pm (UTC)
I'm a member (and Lion Tamer this year) of the Killeen Evening Lions in Killeen, TX.

Right now, we just have a couple of small projects going on. We're planning to repaint a local house for an elderly woman for Make A Difference Day, and we'll be doing a White Cane fundraiser about mid-November. We'll also be collecting food for the local food bank about then. We've already put in nearly $7K for Sight First II, but plan to raise at least that again over the rest of the campaign.

We just got finished with our annual concession sale at the Kosse Horse Show, a Bowl-a-thon for our local shelter, and last meeting, we judged peace posters and essays for the L.I. contest. Unfortunately, I have serious doubts about any of ours making it past the district level, but I'm happy to be surprised.

I'm really glad this community doesn't have a Tail Twister because I have to brag a little. Last year, we were a 2000% contributor to the Texas Lions Camp.

Okay, now that I've mentioned the good stuff, one thing we really have a serious problem with is the Peace Poster and Essay contests. It's nearly impossible to get the local schools to do these. Unfortunately, between state and county laws/policies, the schools really don't have the time to allot for the projects. They have to have so many minutes teaching this, and so many teaching that, so that every single minute of the learning day is pretty much accounted for. For the first time this year, we went to the charter schools, and that may end up being where we end up going exclusively in the future, because the public schools have taken to outright refusing to even promote the contest. As for the essays, the major problem there is that these are middle school kids whose lowest priority in the entire world is grammar. I don't think the (all two!) submissions to our club this year are even being considered for sending to district.
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[User Picture]From: khuu_khuu
2006-11-06 02:52 am (UTC)

Finally! A Lions community!

I think we could use an introductory questionaire for each new member (of the community) to fill out. Stuff like how old you are, how long have you been in the Lions organization, where are you from, etc. What do you think?
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